International Masterclasses
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn and Piano
Musikinsel Rheinau CH
Juli 31 - August 6, 2023

The International Masterclass Rheinau (CH) primarily aims at young musicians and students of music colleges who focus on upcoming concerts, want to prepare orchestra auditions, international competitions or exams at music colleges. Young talents of extraordinary level, such as graduates of music schools, may also be admitted.
Coached woodwind-chambermusic groups are offered, as well as final concerts for the participants at the end of the week.

The course fee is CHF 450.-
This includes all costs such as lessons, piano accompaniment and administration.

Accommodation and 3 meals:
shared room CHF 75 a day or double room CHF 90 a day

Bank account:
PostFinance, Röthlisberger Bernhard, 3322 Urtenen-Schönbühl
IBAN CH30 0900 0000 3111 0363 2


Masterclass Sarah Rumer, flute:
Every morning before having private lessons, there will be a group session. During this time the class will study different aspects of flute playing such as breathing, vibrato, tone development and colors, technique, and articulation. During private lessons the students may work on flute repertoire from the Baroque to the 21st century, as well as orchestral excerpts. Other possibilities are rehearsing with a piano accompanist and stage coaching. It is also possiple to play chamber music with participants from the other masterclasses.
The masterclass is for conservatory students, professional flutists and candidates for entry into conservatory. Depending on the individual case it is also possible that some high school students and advanced amateurs may participate.

Masterclass oboe:
The oboe course is aimed at pupils, students and professional oboists. The focus is on developing and deepening the standard repertoire and the most important excerpts for orchestra auditions. The course deepens the basics in order to achieve individual improvements to the oboe playing. Reed making is also a topic, and there is also the possibility of playing chamber music in mixed wind ensembles.

Masterclass Bernhard Röthlisberger, clarinet:
The course is aimed at professional clarinetists and students of conservatories. Daily individual lessons are offered for each participant, if possible. The focus is on the traditional clarinet repertoire from classical to contemporary and orchestral excerpts and audition preparation, also for e-flat or bass clarinet.
In addition, technical basics of clarinet playing such as sound, staccato, breathing, new techniques etc. are taught in groups.

Masterclass Olivier Darbellay, french horn:
Intense program with daily individual lessons, piano accompaniment, orchestral excerpt sessions (individual and group) as well as horn ensemble sessions. There will be also the possibility to sign in for a mock audition at the end of the week. In addition there will be coached woodwind-chambermusic groups with the other participants.
Besides (futur) students and professional players we welcome of course also advanced music school level and amateur horn players.

Masterclass Henrik Rabien, bassoon:
The bassoon course is aimed at students and professional bassoonist. The focus is on the traditional bassoon repertoire and the most important orchestral excerpts to prepare for auditions. Many exercises will be showed in order to achieve individual improvement of the basics. We are also working on important Mozart Bassoon Concerto and simulate an audition. And a bassoon ensemble will provide in addition to the individual work to the amusement.

Masterclass Benjamin Engeli, piano:
The course is aimed at professional pianists, students of universities of music and young advanced pianists with the intention of starting professional studies. In principle, participants will receive an individual lesson each day, and the emphasis will be on the individual interpretation of a work. Particular attention is paid to the development of techniques and strategies for individual practice. On one hand, the short-term objective of the Masterclass will be the preparation of the final concert, on the other hand, pianists should enjoy greater long-term independence when developing a performance of a work. If possible, chamber music works will also be integrated, with participants from other instrumental classes.

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